About Abacus Guru

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Our Aim is to create and distribute world class programmes which makes a significant impact on the mental potential of the child.

From birth upto teenage years, the range of the brain development is far greater than the physical growth. More importantly, in the first decade of life, the brain's ability to grow, change and compensate is especially remarkable. These are periods of opportunity, during which the brain is particularly efficient at specific types of learning, and we are committed to generate the best skills in your children.

To become the supreme authority in setting benchmarks and standards in the fields of Innovative Education. We Focus on:


  • build the mental ability to calculate fast and accurately without using external devices
  • sharpen the child's mental power especially the right brain
  • promote patience, efficiency and concentration
  • develop positive attitude in the child
  • increase child's observance power
  • increase creativity and memory power
  • boost child's confidence and help in overcoming mental developments.